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Contrarian Philosophy

Our contrarian, counter-cyclical investment strategy sets HALL Group apart from the rest. By pursuing out-of-favor projects, we maximize investment value while delivering unmatched results.

Guided by Curiosity

At HALL Group we embrace the unknown. From investing in inspiring tech start-ups to operating two award-winning Napa County wineries, our success is rooted in the passions of our people and our desire to discover.

Entrepreneurs at Heart

Always looking for a better way, HALL Group's entrepreneurial spirit is a common thread throughout all of our endeavors. Whether developing real estate or producing fine wines, we embrace non-traditional processes to deliver exceptional results.

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What We Do

We create. We inspire. We innovate. At HALL Group, we are constantly evolving to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to create value and enrich lives.

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KPMG Plaza at HALL Arts

KPMG Plaza at HALL Arts is an 18-story, 500,000 square-foot, Class AAA office tower situated in the heart of the Dallas Arts District.


This award-winning, 162-acre office development in Frisco, Texas consists of 2.5 million square feet of office space throughout 17 buildings.

HALL Structured Finance

As a value-add direct lender, HALL Structured Finance differentiates itself with extensive real estate expertise, ready capital and a unique entrepreneurial style.

HALL Arts Residences

A rare opportunity for up to 44 homeowners, this exclusive residential tower and adjacent boutique hotel will be the epitome of luxury in the Dallas Arts District.

HALL Arts Hotel

HALL Arts Hotel will be the preeminent luxury hotel in Dallas, with uncompromising class and exceptional elegance.

HALL Wines

Rooted in passion and produced to perfection, HALL Wines reflects the care and quality of all HALL’s endeavors.

WALT Wines

Created to honor Kathryn Walt Hall's parents, WALT Wines produces handcrafted Pinot Noir and Chardonnay varietals from the Pacific Coast's most distinctive vineyards.

Senza Hotel

SENZA's 41 exclusive, spacious rooms and suites and unrivaled wine country location offer guests an exquisite Napa Valley experience.


Renowned art displays adorn all of HALL Group's properties, nurturing and enriching the quality of life for everyone present.

We go where others fear to tread

Going against the grain takes commitment and confidence. Craig HALL purchased the land in Frisco, Texas, which today is HALL Park, in 1989 when no other developer was considering building there. Today this dynamic office park has 17 buildings, over 200 pieces of art and more tenants than Frisco had residents when the land was initially purchased.

HALL Group: 2016 Year in Review

HALL Group is in an exciting time of change. The various businesses that make up our company are all excelling, from HALL Wines in Napa Valley earning their third 100-point score to HALL Park in Frisco reaching 95 percent leased. With this video, we are pleased to share with you where we’ve been, where we’re going and the vision that will guide us into the future.

"The more we can act responsibly and care about each other in whatever manner, the better off we will make our societies."
Craig Hall, from his book, "The Responsible Entrepeneur"
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